Second hand bowl choppers and fully reconditioned bowl cutters are available internationally from Europe's main used food equipment dealer - Boyd Food Machinery.

Based in the UK, Boyd Food Machinery is Europe's leading supplier of pre-owned industrial food equipment including standard bowl cutters, silent cutters, vacuum bowl choppers or bowl cutter with cooking and vacuum.

All of the machinery supplied is manufactured by well know food machinery manufacturers such as Alpina, Fatosa, Kramer & Grebe, K & G Wetter, Laska, Seydelmann, Cato, Manurin, Talsa, Rex, Velati, Inject Star, Mainali and Kilia to name but a few.

The CFS or Convenience Food Systems range of cutters includes CFS Cut Master, CFS Cutmaster V and CFS Cutmaster Duo.

Tipper Tie Apina produce the Swopper range of silent cutter in 80, 130, 200, 330, 550 litre capacities.

Seydelmann and Laska use letters and numbers to differentiate models - Seydelmann K160, K206, K326, K506, K756, K1200, K204, K324, K504, K754, K552.

Laska bowl cutters take models - K65, K130, K200, K330, K500 and K750 with KE, KR, KT, KU and KCU options.

A vertical cutter or vertical cutter mixer, more commonly known as a vcm, provides high speed cutting of meats, vegetables, fruits and bread.

A used or reconditioned bowl cutter can be utilised in the production of a variety of products from sausage emulsion, ground pork, ground beef, hamburgers, beefburgers, skin emulsion for further processed and formed poultry products, fresh pork sausage, ground turkey, liver pâté, various salads, processed cheese, in addition to Bologna, Mortadella, Weirstel and Salame/Salami and hot dog emulsions.

Bowl Cutters

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